Okay, nowadays I used to write my daily life by mobile phone(notes), of course in blog too if I get the time to. Blogger friends of the past had stopped blogging one by one, some of them closed their blog, some of them just leave it without mentioning. I really miss the days we blogged together, we wrote about each others. We have a mini blog competition among us, even a group of us, to share out post after updating, to find out other people's blog and etc. It was a great time. :) But now, everything was a past, a history.

My part time job has substantial my life though :) I have my studies to balance, I have to pay up commitment to my job to be able to pay my school fee. Sometimes it was tough, I admit it, but this is my path, I have to go for it, I have to overcome it. I shouldn't blame and regret, it was my choice before, I left my sports and came here. I might have forgot about why am I here, but there must be some special meanings and reasons to bring me here. Now, it's been the third month I work in Sushikin, friends are going off soon after getting SPM result. I have to bear it, the joys and sorrows. It's a fact, I'm just waiting for the time to take action on it. This is what we called life right.

Let's talk about today.

It's fine at all. But I have met a customer who was like wanted to quarrel with me just because her order doesn't reach yet, and the main point is she had just finished four plates of sushis. Well, I have to stand for her temper because customers are always the right. She shouldn't get angry with me because I'm not the one who took her order, and I'm not the one who prepared the food. So what's the purpose? She was really in a bad attitude, so it doesn't matter how pretty she is. SIGH -_-

I have also heard about our previous Assistant manager, kak azrah resign from her Perak outlet, it was about a races problem, the majority over there are chinese. Maybe there are some communication problem? who knows. But I felt a bit dissapointed because of this reason, shouldn't everyone stay peacefully without caring about the races problems? I am the only chinese over here. I couldn't speak mandrin to any of my friends but chinese customers. I felt lonely, but what can I do? I wish that manager could employ a chinese staff :( at least I got someone to break with me, silly and jokes with me. But what happen now is, everyone was Malay, they have their own languages no matter how good am I in Bahasa Malaysia. I feel like I couldn't be a part of them. But overall we are fine, we talk, we laugh, we help each other as well.

In this work, I think Kak Ida, the senior cook is the only one who I can get the closest with. She told me a lot of her past(days she worked in a chinese restaurant..) and that was really nice to listen. She can speak some chinese and cantonese as well. But she had resigned from that job about 10 years, even lost contact with her old friends, so sad to hear that. She treated me very well, especially that time we break together, she bought me a chicken burger which full-filled up my stomach that night. This is so unexpected, I just meant to accompany her to break. I should have buy something for her someday to requite her :) I feel like we don't have the gap of communication, we are close to each other. She can be my mak angkat if she wants :p She is really a great mother who is really take care about her daughter, and tomorrow is her daughter's birthday, she's very happy when she mentioned about it. Happy Birthday to Ida's daughter

Sometimes I think about that I'm more steady than the others. I can stand and despite all the hardships I'm facing to. I'm really appreciate to my class teacher last year, Cikgu Ho who brought me up :) She said before we have to give our responsibility, we have to face every problems instead of escape from it. And this was really useful in my job, whenever I face problems, I will try my best to solve it, I can drive myself to serve, to clean every tables but not waiting people to do so. I had grown up a lot through this work :) Tolerate, Responsibility, Discipline, and Forgive. And I'm very glad that there are customer who remember me as well, and I remember them too. This was the best rewards to me in this job..

你要让别人觉得被你服务是幸福的事,而不是觉得你服务别人是一件幸福的事。 :)

Having a Chinese and Mathematics test on monday. I'm thankful that manager allows me to study during my work :) I've forget what I have memorize about the 中国文学, but maybe I can perform well in my test. God bless. Well, tomorrow Im the one who did opening for the shop, gotta sleep early..

Fighting!!! ^_^
And tomorrow get a chance lousang with family,
one in a year.



New friend, new neighbour :)

My second post in 2014, it's about my new neighbour, who moved here last year november :)
It's a great experience for me to know a family from Pakistan.

Yea, suddenly I realized that we said hi before, but not more than 5 times. There was none communication between us. It's been 17 years I stood in this housing area, but seems like I don't have any good neighbour who can always accompany me. Overall I felt like I was just staying only with my family, no others. Well, maybe it was my own problem too, I'm not that sociable at all, in this housing area. I don't use to hang out or introduce myself to others. Or maybe because this is a Malay housing area, not much of chinese.

The end-----

A few weeks after the house in silent, here comes a Pakistan family :)

For my impression of Pakistan, it's a country that are full of confusion and criminals. For the Pakistanist, they are strange and fearful. I had a few friends from UAE, we knew each other through shooting sport, they are friendly.

There were Papa, Mama, 2 daughters and a son in their family.

Last week, my mum told me that their son was looking for a job, and he was looking for me. So the first time we hung out together was just a few days ago, Monday. We just walk around. I was quite surprise that he asked me to hang out with him for the first time we met, I thought that we'll just talk to each other just a short while. But this first time, we stay outside around 2 hours... this is really LOL. I did have a sore throat after that..

So he's a Pakistanist, and I was a chinese, he doesn't understand Mandarin and I don't understand Pakistan language(Urbi). We speak English. He's 18 years old(I thought he was 20 something because of the beard of his face). But language isn't an obstacle to build up our friendship. But my english weren't fluent at all, unlike him, his English is very standard, no matter speaking or writing( I read his poem before, he wrote that for his girlfriend). T_T and this makes me feel inferior.

Ohhh yea, his name is Sharukh. His parents gave him this name from Sharukh Khan, a famous Indian actor. This is what he told me,I don't know who is Sharukh Khan, I don't watch Indian movies at all.

So far, 3 times we have hang out together. And the 4th for tonight. We used to talk about our past, our country, our religion and so on. There was many things to chat around, and he's a talkative person, talking non-stop. :p After walking for a few rounds in our housing area, we'll sit under a tree, a shady place(Duhh, night time is always shady kan?) and continue on our topic. It would be a romantic scene if one of us is a girl.. But  too bad, we're both boys, like a gay couple, macam yes tapi bukan, hahaha. Who cares?

Sharukh is a smoker, but not that serious. To be honest I don't like smoker at all, hate smelling that weird smell, but I don't mind, as long as he didn't persuade me to smoke, it's okay. I did have a few malay friends who smokes too. The main point is, they are a good behaving person, and it's more than enough. I've straight fowardly told him that I dislike someone to release their smoke on me, I hate that seriously :( His family don't know at all. Of course i wouldn't tell my family too, or else they must be forcing me not to get close with him. Shhhh..

Okay, eyes aren't feeling well.


Hello, 2014 :)

Hello, Papaya Tan is here! Right back to blogger again. It's 2014 now and I didn't have any post for the past month, quite regret about it.

So, here comes the month of February, and I have completed my homework, so I got a time to write a first post for 2014. Well, it should be a bit different from that day I got this blog, which I use Mandarin to blog. Despite from using Chinese for the past years, I should try to use english to blog. Okay, I want to admit that my English is not well enough and I should improve it. My writing and speaking in Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia(especially this one) are good enough, which I can write a long paragraph for my essays, but English -___-. Everyone who was a student for the now and past could know that english is a very difficult subject though, it has many grammars,  vocabularies which confused you always whenever you're speaking or writing.

Hmm.. so I will read more newspaper and listen to more english song to improve my english as well, or maybe some english movies? 8) It might be tough, but it worth! And I do not need to spend extra money for tuitions all those bored stuffs right? Furthermore, I'm sitting for SPM exam this year, and SUEC for the next year, so I must be more hardworking to get a good result, or get a chance to study overseas? This was my dream. :)

Whatever, just enjoy myself in this new year. I might not blogging oftenly like what I did like I was a junior, but for some special or memorable stories and memories, I will write it down for sure, it's a good refering for me in the future. Sweet or bitter? Sad or happy? It is what we called life.

Happy Chinese New Year, Happy New Year.

Happy 2014, Happy 17, and Happy Papaya ^_^